Mô tả D-Link DGS-3630-28SC-SE-LIC:

D-Link DGS-3630-28SC-SE-LIC 1license(s) software license/upgrade (DGS-3630-28SC)
This feature is a Standard Image (SI) to Enhanced Image (EI) Upgrade License for the DGS-3630-28SC Managed Switch. Upgrading a switch with this software adds additional features, including: OSPFv2 OSPFv3 BGPv4/v6 VRF-Lite IGMP/MLD PIM-DM/SM/SSMv4 PIM-SMv6/DVMRPv3 This license works only with DGS-3630-28SC and cannot be activated on any other model. Please make sure you are buying the correct license for your model. Once received, there are no returns or refunds on license keys. For RMA exchanges on products with activated licenses, please contact D-Link Support directly at support.dlink.com. Do not RMA the product through the Distributor.
Item ID: LGSD36L0
Type License
Manufacturer number    DGS-3630-28SC-SE-LIC
Licensed product  Network

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